Big Online Slots Winner Announced

January 26, 2018 · Posted in Casino Games 

Online Slots Winner Announcement!

I love sharing stories like this one. On January 24th, at Bovada Casino, a dream was realized. There was an online slots winner. A big winner! The player, known only as Aage from Iowa, was playing “A Night With Cleo”, which is Bovada Casino’s most popular online slots game. The end result: a jackpot of $434,000!

That’s right. This lucky online slots winner just had a life-chaging experience! Winning almost a half a million dollars will certainly provide for some breathing room. “A Night With Cleo” is a progressive jackpot, whose value kept rising, until it couldn’t bear it own weight any longer and came tumbling down into this online slots winner’s pocket! So, Aage from Iowa finds himself $434,000 richer!

How the Online Slots Winner Wagered

After having wagered $200 on a spin, he won $640 in prizes. So, he continued to play, and whattaya know, at the end of the spin… the jackpot payout!

When playing slot machines, progressive jackpots come by getting the top combination. By way of comparison, most three reel slots will pay a jackpot when you get three identical images to line up on the pay line. With
Bovada Casino’s “A Night With Cleo”
, this payout is totally random. The very first spin could be the paying spin, or who knows, the very last spin of a long session… or anywhere in between. It could even come from a losing spin! That’s just the nature of “Cleo”.

Congratulations to Aage from IA! Enjoy your new found wealth!


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