Carbon Poker 2012 Promo

January 8, 2012 · Posted in Bonus Codes, Carbon Poker, Freerolls, Poker News, Promotions, Rewards 

Carbon Poker’s 2012 Promotion

If you’re suffering from a major holiday hangover, maybe the new January Carbon Poker promotions will perk you up. For starters, Carbon Poker is offering a 10% reload bonus to all existing players. In addition to this, we’re also giving out special bonuses to players through the Quad Pyramid promo. Here is a look at both of these promotions in detail:

Get an Instant Bonus of 10%

10% Instant Bonus – In order to take advantage of the Carbon Poker reload bonus, you need to make a deposit from now until January 15th, 2012 (23:59 server time) while using the FRESHSTART bonus code. Assuming you meet the previously mentioned requirements, you’re eligible to receive a 10% up to $30 reload bonus, and start the New Year off right.

The Quad Pyramid Promotion

Carbon Poker Quad PyramidQuad Pyramid – Every few months, Carbon Poker picks a special poker hand that they rewards bonuses for, and this month, it will be quad 5′s. Anybody who flops quad 5′s (including hole cards) can get a cash bonus by emailing Carbon Poker support with the hand number. An additional requirement to receiving this bonus includes being in a Texas Hold’em game.

The amount of money you get for flopping quad 5′s depends on your level within the Carbon Poker VIP program, and here is a look at that info:

  • – Regular Player: $5
  • – Earth: $10
  • – Wind: $15
  • – Fire: $20
  • – Water: $25
  • – Ether: $30

Additional Benefits from Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker Quad PyramidAside from Quad Pyramid and the 10% reload bonus, don’t forget that members of the Carbon Poker VIP program receive a number of other excellent benefits such as cash back, exclusive event invitations, the ability to use VIP points to enter poker tournaments, and more.


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