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Poker Quiz and Helpful Info on Full Tilt Poker

Poker quiz, anyone? Here’s your chance to put your poker knowledge to the test. The Full Tilt Poker Quiz provides an easy way to constantly keep yourself on top of your online poker game by showing you a new quiz question every time you log on.

Full Tilt Poker

Test Your Poker Knowledge

The all new Full Tilt Poker site has all the valuable information to help you keep on top of your poker game. The Poker Quiz is one fun way to keep your chops up. But the poker quiz is just one of many tools provided you at Full Tilt Poker to help you with your game. There are also tips from the pros, loads of instructional videos, a very useful blog, and insiders’ tips and tricks.

Full Tilt Poker is Back!

As of May 2013, Full Tilt Poker is back in business. They were shut down in April 2011, and PokerStars was able to make a deal with the US government to purchase Full Tilt. Back in the day, Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars.com were the two biggest and most popular online poker rooms. Now the two are one, though they are operating as two separate sites. I used to love playing at Full Tilt and was quite sad to see them go. But now that they are back in business, I can’t wait to get playing poker online.

Play Now at Full Tilt Poker

Whether you are new to Full Tilt Poker or a player from back in the glory days, now is your chance to play poker online! And if you sign up today, you qualify for a Free $10 to play with at Full Tilt Poker, no strings attached.


Full Tilt Poker News Feed

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Get the latest poker news from Full Tilt Poker.

This news feed from Full Tilt Poker is always up to date. Bookmark this page for fast easy access to fast breaking news in the poker world.

Poker Hands – Knowing What You Have

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If you’re new(ish) to the game of poker, first and foremost, you should know the pecking order of the hands you’re dealt:

Poker hand hierarchy

Click on the image below (which depicts a royal flush, the highest hand you can have).

Poker Hands: The Royal Flush

It will take you to an informational poker site that will provide detailed images and explanations regarding the different poker hands you can have and their order of precedence.