Big Online Slots Winner Announced

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Online Slots Winner Announcement!

I love sharing stories like this one. On January 24th, at Bovada Casino, a dream was realized. There was an online slots winner. A big winner! The player, known only as Aage from Iowa, was playing “A Night With Cleo”, which is Bovada Casino’s most popular online slots game. The end result: a jackpot of $434,000!

That’s right. This lucky online slots winner just had a life-chaging experience! Winning almost a half a million dollars will certainly provide for some breathing room. “A Night With Cleo” is a progressive jackpot, whose value kept rising, until it couldn’t bear it own weight any longer and came tumbling down into this online slots winner’s pocket! So, Aage from Iowa finds himself $434,000 richer!

How the Online Slots Winner Wagered

After having wagered $200 on a spin, he won $640 in prizes. So, he continued to play, and whattaya know, at the end of the spin… the jackpot payout!

When playing slot machines, progressive jackpots come by getting the top combination. By way of comparison, most three reel slots will pay a jackpot when you get three identical images to line up on the pay line. With
Bovada Casino’s “A Night With Cleo”
, this payout is totally random. The very first spin could be the paying spin, or who knows, the very last spin of a long session… or anywhere in between. It could even come from a losing spin! That’s just the nature of “Cleo”.

Congratulations to Aage from IA! Enjoy your new found wealth!


Canada’s Best Sportsbook Sweetens the Deal!

September 3, 2015 · Posted in Sports Betting · Comment 

The Best Sportsbook in Canada has Just Gotten Much Better!

Bodog Sportsbook, long-regarded as the best online sportsbook in Canada, has just doubled its Sign Up Bonus! Beginning on September 8th, 2015, bettors will receive a 100% Sign Up Bonus up to $200 on their first deposit.

    Other Bodog features include:

  • State-of-the-art Live Betting feature available for a variety of sports.
  • Canada’s largest selection of props.
  • Excellent Customer Service accessible via the new Live Chat feature.

This new Sign Up bonus is be offered just in time for the 2015 NFL season, which kicks off on September 10th.

Canadian bettors join today to take advantage of this Bonus Offer!


New Classic Mobile Slots Games

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Mobile Slots Games Duo Arrives Online

Two new mobile slots games are here! The mobile gaming market just gained a pair of classic online slots.

Penguin Power and Achilles. Those are their names of these new mobile slots games. Each slot has a distinctive theme, providing the straightforward excitement you’ve come to expect from traditional casino slot machine gaming.

Without the hindrance of excessive animation or flashy gimmicks that many other mobile slot games feature, Penguin Power and Achilles let you evaluate your personal slot strategies, which is the primary reason why these two games work so efficiently on mobile. Less clutter and distraction. More action!

Penguin Power is a speedy, fun adventure. You’ll enjoy knowing that the same general theories of online slot gaming apply. Line up polar themed creatures like seals, fish, and penguins on any of the 20 pay lines. Of course, there are many payouts, but some of the best ones show up with the game-changing bonuses. Increase your take with the Baby Penguin symbols, which are the ‘wilds’ that double your prizes, and will substitute to form winning combinations. The Penguin Slide Free Spin Feature is another exciting bonus to pay attention to. Triggering it can get you up to 25 free spins!

Progressive Jackpot for Both Games

Achilles utilizes a comparable barrage of free spin bonus features to fatten the pot. Achilles, equivalent to Penguin Power, is also one of the simple and forthright online mobile slots games with a crisp, rapid progressive jackpot. There will be no delay of the fun with cut scenes.

The ability to progress at your own pace is something to appreciate when playing these super-fun mobile slots games. For example, with Achilles, feel free to spin through the 5-reels as speedily or as slow and steady as you are comfortable with.

When you are playing Achilles, be sure to watch out for the Achilles Bonus Feature. There are 25 free spins obtainable to the lucky player, accompanied by triple-winnings. The Achilles symbols flashing through the reels are sure to get your blood pumping!

This super-fun mobile slots games action is now available and online right now! Get your dose of ancient Greek heroism or Polar extremes at any time you want, anywhere you are!


Horse Race Betting Tutorial Refresher Course – Part 2

January 1, 2008 · Posted in Horse Racing · 1 Comment 

In Part 2 of our horse racing pari-mutuel betting tutorial, we’ll have a look at:

  • a.) Horse race betting odds charts and their expected payouts,
  • b.) what you’ll need to tell the window clerk when you’re placing a bet (applies to off track betting and wagering on the internet),
  • c.) and alternate methods of betting while at the race track by using the SAMS machines to place your bets. Let’s take a look:

Approximate Win Payoffs (based on a $2 wager)

1 / 9


1 / 5


2 / 5


1 / 2


3 / 5


4 / 5


1 / 1


6 / 5


7 / 5


3 / 2


8 / 5


9 / 5


2 / 1


5 / 2


3 / 1


7 / 2


4 / 1


9 / 2


5 / 1


6 / 1


7 / 1


8 / 1


9 / 1


10 / 1


What to Tell the Clerk

When you’re ready to post your bet, you’ll tell the clerk 5 things:

  1. Which track
  2. Which race
  3. How much money you want to bet
  4. What kind of bet you want, i.e.: win, place, show, exacta, etc.
  5. The number of the horse.

For example, by using the criteria above, what you say to the window clerk might be: “Santa Anita, race number three, $2.00 to win on horse number seven.” Easy, huh?

Self Service Terminals *

* Also known as Screen Activated Machines, or SAMS

  1. First you need a voucher which may be purchased from any clerk or voucher machine.
  2. After you insert the voucher in the machine, the machine will ask you what track you want to bet on (Bay Meadows, Oaklawn, Santa Anita, Churchill Downs, etc.).
  3. Once you have designated the track, the machine will ask you how much you want to bet.
  4. Finally, the machine will show you a variety of wages that may be made.

If you need assistance, there are customer service representatives located in the general area of all SAMS.

(*Screen Activated Machines)

Part 1 – Horse Race Betting Tutorial Refresher Course

More information about picking odds and knowing what those odds will pay. Also a description of SAMS (screen activated machines)

Part 3: Horse Racing Words and their Definitions

In part 3 we’ll explore some of the more common as well as some obscure horse track words and their meanings, as well as a detailed look at a sample horse racing program and how to decipher it. Let’s do this!