Carbon Poker Tournament Winners

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Carbon Poker is No Longer Accepting New Players

Please be advised that Carbon Poker and all of its ancillary products are no longer accepting new players as of June 2015. The following text is from the original posting from a time when Carbon Poker was actively promoting and soliciting new action. The original text remains here, stripped of any links or promotional banners simply for archival, historical purposes. Please note that already existing Carbon Poker players can continue to log into and play poker and other games on the site. Thank you!

Poker Tournament at Carbon Poker

Poker Maximus II Tourney Winners

Poker Tournament News!: Carbon Poker recently featured the second installment of their major poker tournament series, Poker Maximus II. Already there are some big winners to report. If you’re interested in seeing the types of small fortunes that have been collected so far, have a look at the results below.

Poker Maximus Event #1:

$15,000 Guaranteed No-Limit Hold’em Freezout.
2,334 players bought into this $10 + $1 buy-in event, which created a $23,340 prize pool.
The $15k no limit texas hold ’em poker tournament lasted just under nine hours, and player “IRunnLikePoop” won a $3,865 prize.

Final Table Results:

  1. IRunnLikePoop – $3,865.81
  2. eugene23 – $2,870.83
  3. DoNkEyRiTz – $2,007.25
  4. metalman45 – $1,470.43
  5. DostoevskyBRAH – $1,073.65
  6. IPILEFACE – $840.25
  7. Lluboski – $560.17
  8. DustyBucket – $396.79
  9. Born1nUSSR – $280.09

Poker Maximus Event #2:

$60,000 Guranteed NLHE Freezeout. 421 players either bought a seat or satellited their way into this $200 + $15 buy-in poker tournament. In all, 54 players shared in the $84,200 prize pool, and “LifeCooler” grabbed the largest share at $17,934. Final Table Results:

  1. LifeCooler – $17,934.60
  2. NotTomCoughlinsFace – $12,209.00
  3. DrMcBoogerballs – $8,209.50
  4. norfair18 – $5,894.00
  5. Crackerontilt – $5,052.00
  6. escotch244 – $4,210.00
  7. CreepShot – $3,368.00
  8. sickbrag – $2,526.00
  9. L3G3NDARY – $1,684.00

Poker Maximus Event #3:

$30,000 Guranateed No Limit Hold’em Freezeout poker tournament.
There were 562 players who paid the $100 + $9 buy-in for this tourney.
Players battled it out for a $56,200 prize pool.
“mytruereligion” was the big winner here after taking first place along with an $11,105 payout.

Final Table Results:

  1. mytruereligion – $11,015.20
  2. TheCorporation – $8,104.04
  3. NOTATRADER – $6,069.60
  4. Countnn – $4,215.00
  5. jcinblue – $2,956.12
  6. 1nfected – $1,854.60
  7. theVein – $1,236.40
  8. tanker1722 – $1,236.40
  9. ichasedraws – $1,236.40

These are only a small example of the action that is taking place in Carbon Poker’s Poker Maximus II Tournament. The highlights of this poker tournament series include the Main Event Low ($150,000 guaranteed) and Main Event High ($200,000 guaranteed), while there are plenty of other huge tourneys that’ll be happening. Assuming you’re interested in participating in an excellent poker tournament, you should sign up through Carbon Poker and make a deposit. Doing so will put you in line to receive a 100% up to $600 Carbon Poker bonus so keep this in mind.

Intertops Poker Diamond Mine Promotion

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Play your way into the 15K final poker tournament!

The Intertops Diamond Mine Poker Promo

The Diamond Mine Series at Intertops is from January 10th to January 23rd. During this promotion, any 2011 series Gold Card will get you a ticket into the Diamond Mine! Play your way step by step to bigger tournaments – all the way to the $15,000 final tourney!

Play in all tournaments from Event 1 through Event 12 and receive entry into January 22nd’s $10,000 Flawless Freeroll. Only players who participate in all 12 tournaments will receive an entry, so it behooves the serious poker player to pay attention and get involved early. Don’t want to miss your chance to make some real money!

Make it all the way up to the Final Event for your shot at a piece of $15,000!

Each tournament has its own cash prize pool, as well as seats for the next stage of the Diamond Mine Tournament Series.

Look for the Diamond Mine tournaments located in the Gold section of the tournament lobby. All Diamond Mine tournaments take place at 5pm EST (10pm GMT).

If you do not win a seat to the next event in the series you can always check The Exchange and purchase the cards needed to buy directly into to any event you choose, except for the $15,000 Final and the Flawless Freeroll.

The Gold Card Exchange

Visit our new player-to-player marketplace where you can trade your Gold Cards with other players!

The Gold Card Exchange is unlike anything else in online poker, a place where players can sell their hard-earned rewards from the cash tables, the Gold Cards, and others can buy the missing Gold Cards they need to enter the daily lottery or special GC series tourneys, or speculate with future prizes on specific cards.Play your way into the 15K final poker tournament!

This allows you to make a good deal with your Gold Cards, be it as seller or buyer, depending on the trends of the last transactions, market demand and your skills as Gold Card trader, just as on any other exchange.

Trading Your Gold Cards

With The Exchange, you can sell your surplus Gold Cards or buy them to gain access to daily, high-value Gold Card Tournaments, for example if you are short of a certain Gold Card for an upcoming Gold Card Tournament.

Strategic buying and selling make it possible to make money without ever playing a hand.

  1. Click on the Gold Cards tab in the Rewards section of the poker software, then on the Exchange graphics to the right which will open The Exchange in a separate window.
  2. Choose ‘Sell Cards’ to put one card or your entire collection up for sale, or ‘Buy Cards’ to stock up your collection.
  3. You can also keep an eye on the ‘Trends’ there and monitor your activity on ‘My Exchange’.

For more information, please see The Exchange Help section when you’re visiting the Intertops website.

Play your way into the 15K final poker tournament!

Poker Academy in Hollywood, California: AbsolutePoker & Hooters Team Up

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Online poker players at Absolute Poker invited to a night of poker, beer and free wings

For most poker fans, nothing goes better with poker than beer, wings and beautiful women in tight clothing cheering everyone on. So this month, is mixing them all together to create a poker experience unlike no other.

Together with Hooters, the online poker site is presenting the Poker Academy in Hollywood, California in late February.

Matt Vengrin will host the free poker event, scheduled for February 25, 2010 from 7-9pm. The acclaimed professional poker player will offer free poker tips to those in attendance while they enjoy free wings and beer.

Poker fans will have the opportunity to compete at on-site tables or play against a world of online poker players at one of several on-site gaming terminals.

I’m all about trying new stuff to increase the appeal of poker. This is one of the first of many new things I will be doing to help bridge the gap between the poker world and the world outside of poker.

Poker professional Matt Vengrin

Matt Vengrin is one of online poker’s most successful young poker players. In a little over two years, the 24-year-old has won nearly $2 million playing at the online poker tables and in land-based events around the world.

Making appearances at the Hooters event and giving the Hooters’ waitresses a run for their money are Absolute Poker’s Trishelle Cannatella and Lacey Jones.

To gain access to the Poker Academy at Hooters in Hollywood, poker players can sign up for a free account at using the promo code HOOTERS. Once their free online poker account has been activated, new users can email their Screen Name, First Name and Last Name to to secure an invite.

About is part of the CEREUS poker network and is dedicated to providing players from around the world with a free online poker game experience that is second to none. Players worldwide can access the free online poker tables 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any PC or Mac and experience the best multi-player game free online poker has to offer. is committed to remaining the most trusted and best online poker experience, created by poker players for poker players.

Full Tilt Poker Tournaments Listings

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You can use the following widget to help find a wide variety of daily and weekly tournaments on the Full Tilt Poker website, and to keep up-to-date on special tournaments that you may have otherwise missed. It’s a handy and useful tool. Give it a try.

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