Santa Anita Race Park Opening Day

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Santa Anita Race Park opening day 2015

Santa Anita Race Park Opening Day

Ahhh, the day after Christmas. December 26th. Putting the madness of the holiday season behind you, while anticipating another kind of excitement. If you’re looking for something to do today, look no further! Go to the Park. The Santa Anita Race Park.

If you happen to be in Southern California, near the Los Angeles and surrounding area, the Day After Christmas is a particularly excellent day indeed. Because December 26th just so happens to be opening day at Santa Anita Race Park! Come on out and join the excitement! Place some bets on the horses and jockeys and have some fun.

Trade in Your Madness for Gladness

Trade in your Christmas madness for some Santa Anita Race Park Opening Day sanity. Earn back some of those hard earned dollars spent on gifts. Find yourself in the winner’s circle.

Exactas, Trifectas, Daily Doubles, Pick 6 & Pick 9. You could be the big winner while enjoying a wonderful day at the park. The awesome Santa Anita Race Park! Visit it today.

Feel the Excitement from Home

If going to the track today isn’t in the stars for you today, there is still great news!

You can still be part of the excitement even if you aren’t in the vicinity of Santa Anita Race Track. You can be part of the action by placing your bets online, at home, at one of the leading web based betting sites. Excellent wagering sites such as the ones you’ll find at the Bovada Racebook or at TwineSpires. Placing bets on horses and watching those horses race, and win, all while in the comfort of your home is a type of excitement all its own. Well worth experiencing. I myself won a Superfecta last year using my own Bovada Racebook account.

Why miss the opportunity of the day! Sign up for you new Bovada Racebook account or open a TwinSpires account, and place your bets today, and whenever great horse races are running all over the world.


Horse Racing Season is On!

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Horse Betting at

Horse racing is in full stride right now. If you enjoy betting on the horses and you don’t happen to be at the track at the moment… but you’d like to be… No, worries, the internet is here to save the day!

Safe, secure online betting at

Horse Betting at

It’s quite easy to get going on placing a bet on horse racing online. Log in to, create a free account. If you want to place a bet, you have a variety of options to fund your account. From there is as easy as navigating to the track you’re interested, locate the race you’d like to make your bets on, pick your horses, watch the result…. and if you make the right winner picks, cash out and collect your winnings! It’s really that simple.

Online Horse Racing. As Good as Being There!

Except without the drive time, traffic jams, parking fees and hassles, dinged car doors, and crowds of people. Stay at home. Pick your winning horses while still in your pajamas! There’s nothing like the comfort of home!Whatever you choose to do: Have Fun and Good Luck!

Horse Race Betting Tutorial Refresher Course – Part 2

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In Part 2 of our horse racing pari-mutuel betting tutorial, we’ll have a look at:

  • a.) Horse race betting odds charts and their expected payouts,
  • b.) what you’ll need to tell the window clerk when you’re placing a bet (applies to off track betting and wagering on the internet),
  • c.) and alternate methods of betting while at the race track by using the SAMS machines to place your bets. Let’s take a look:

Approximate Win Payoffs (based on a $2 wager)

1 / 9


1 / 5


2 / 5


1 / 2


3 / 5


4 / 5


1 / 1


6 / 5


7 / 5


3 / 2


8 / 5


9 / 5


2 / 1


5 / 2


3 / 1


7 / 2


4 / 1


9 / 2


5 / 1


6 / 1


7 / 1


8 / 1


9 / 1


10 / 1


What to Tell the Clerk

When you’re ready to post your bet, you’ll tell the clerk 5 things:

  1. Which track
  2. Which race
  3. How much money you want to bet
  4. What kind of bet you want, i.e.: win, place, show, exacta, etc.
  5. The number of the horse.

For example, by using the criteria above, what you say to the window clerk might be: “Santa Anita, race number three, $2.00 to win on horse number seven.” Easy, huh?

Self Service Terminals *

* Also known as Screen Activated Machines, or SAMS

  1. First you need a voucher which may be purchased from any clerk or voucher machine.
  2. After you insert the voucher in the machine, the machine will ask you what track you want to bet on (Bay Meadows, Oaklawn, Santa Anita, Churchill Downs, etc.).
  3. Once you have designated the track, the machine will ask you how much you want to bet.
  4. Finally, the machine will show you a variety of wages that may be made.

If you need assistance, there are customer service representatives located in the general area of all SAMS.

(*Screen Activated Machines)

Part 1 – Horse Race Betting Tutorial Refresher Course

More information about picking odds and knowing what those odds will pay. Also a description of SAMS (screen activated machines)

Part 3: Horse Racing Words and their Definitions

In part 3 we’ll explore some of the more common as well as some obscure horse track words and their meanings, as well as a detailed look at a sample horse racing program and how to decipher it. Let’s do this!