Bovada Casino Jackpot Winner Scores $131,490!

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California Woman Scores Big Bovada Casino Jackpot!

I LOVE stories like this one! A woman from California, Lisa B., scored big when she logged into her Bovada Casino account and decided to play “Let ’em Ride” poker. I’m sure she wasn’t expecting to happen what in reality DID happen! Lisa B. will never forget the day that she scored the Bovada Casino jackpot! It’s the stuff that dreams are made of!

How Small Bets Become Huge Winnings!

On August 17, 2015, Lisa B. was wagering a very modest $1.00 ante bet and and equally minuscule $1.00 progressive jackpot bet in the online table poker game “Let ’em Ride”. I’m certain that she never dreamed that those small bets would turn into a very rewarding $131,490.00 in winnings! Could you imagine Lisa’s excitement when the flop was turned over? That flop gave her the best possible hand in poker: a Royal Flush!

Bovada offers 5 variations of table poker games, as well as seventeen options in Video Poker, making Bovada one of the best online destinations for poker aficionados, if not the #1 destination!

If you haven’t visited the Casino at Bovada yet, now is the time to do so: while the winnings are HOT and you can collect a $3,000.00 Welcome Bonus when you sign up!

Prefer to play while on the go? Bovada’s mobile platform is considered to be the best in the world. You can play any game you like, right on your Android and iOS devices. Fast, secure, and hours of fun on the run! Don’t miss out. Join today!

This $3,000 Bonus Offer won’t last forever! Time is limited. So, if there ever was a time to do what you’ve already wanted to do, but haven’t, open your account with Bovada today and feel the excitement for yourself! You too could hit the next Bovada Casino jackpot!


FullTiltPoker $100k Double-Deuce Tournament

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Full Tilt Poker promo

Full Tilt Poker Tournament

Now there’s another reason to get in on the biggest tournament day of the week, with’s $100,000 Double Deuce Tournament starting November 23rd.

Every Sunday at 4:35pm ET (9:35pm GMT), you have the chance to turn $22 into your share of a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool – with nearly $20K guaranteed for the winner.

Poker cash stackLook for the tan color-coded $100K Double Deuce in the tournament lobby and buy in for $20 + $2.

Or you can satellite in for as little as $0.60 or 200 Full Tilt Points, and turn just $0.60 into almost $20K for a victory!

2008 Poker Olympics with Carbon

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Carbon Poker is No Longer Accepting New Players

Please be advised that Carbon Poker and all of its ancillary products are no longer accepting new players as of June 2015. The following text is from the original posting from a time when Carbon Poker was actively promoting and soliciting new action. The original text remains here, stripped of any links or promotional banners simply for archival, historical purposes. Please note that already existing Carbon Poker players can continue to log into and play poker and other games on the site. Thank you!

Poker Olympics 2008 with Carbon Poker

With the countdown to the 2008 Olympic Games heating up, soon all of the eye-balls of the World will be focused on Beijing and the spirit of the games. However, at Carbon Poker it’s not just how you play your poker game, but how much FREE cash you stand a chance of winning!

Poker Olympics Comp Point Tracker Pointing You to Cash Prizes

Throughout August, your poker olympics player administration area will track the comp points you earn and the cash prizes unlocked along the way. There will be comp point increments, starting with the Bronze medal and once you have cleared each comp point requirement you will receive an INSTANT cash prize. Once you have won all 10 Bronze medals, it will unlock the Silver medals and even bigger cash prizes. The best part is every time you win 10 of the same medals, you also receive a bonus cash prize – Up to $700!

Points Equals Cash Payouts!

Each medal will represent a set comp point requirement, and a corresponding cash payout. Every time you reach the next increment, the matching medal will light up to let you know that you’re an INSTANT winner. The more points earned, the more cash won! Players can win nearly $2,000 in cash prizes plus earn even more free cash with August’s reload code, simply by reaching all of the comp points goals and unlocking all the medals. The best part is they can win up to 33 different cash prizes!

Absolute Poker Pays Out Record ‘Bad Beat’ Jackpot

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Absolute Poker ‘Bad Beat’ Breaks Record

Not only was it Bad… as well as BIG… but it was incredibly beautiful, too!

Last Sunday, history was made in the online poker world when Absolute Poker paid out a record breaking win, the world’s largest Bad Beat Jackpot. The win brought in an eye-popping $996,115.28. Just one monkey-hair away from being a cool million dollar pot!

Monster Jackpot for the Losers

A lucky Absolute Poker player, a “loser” whose moniker is RIVERMAN1969 took home the lion’s share of the prize: $325,212.40.

The Pasadena, California based poker player won the jackpot when his quad 10s were beaten by a royal procession of four Queens. That’s the beauty of a BAD BEAT! Almost 90 other happy poker players also enjoyed a share of this record prize. Maybe next time, you could be one of them. Start playing now!

Congratulations to the losers (in this case, winners!) each of whom had made the wise decision to play at Absolute Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot tables.

Don’t miss out when the next monster jackpot hits. Get in on it. If you’re lucky, you might just get your butt kicked!

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