Absolute Poker Pays Out Record ‘Bad Beat’ Jackpot

June 29, 2008 · Posted in Poker News 

Absolute Poker ‘Bad Beat’ Breaks Record

Not only was it Bad… as well as BIG… but it was incredibly beautiful, too!

Last Sunday, history was made in the online poker world when Absolute Poker paid out a record breaking win, the world’s largest Bad Beat Jackpot. The win brought in an eye-popping $996,115.28. Just one monkey-hair away from being a cool million dollar pot!

Monster Jackpot for the Losers

A lucky Absolute Poker player, a “loser” whose moniker is RIVERMAN1969 took home the lion’s share of the prize: $325,212.40.

The Pasadena, California based poker player won the jackpot when his quad 10s were beaten by a royal procession of four Queens. That’s the beauty of a BAD BEAT! Almost 90 other happy poker players also enjoyed a share of this record prize. Maybe next time, you could be one of them. Start playing now!

Congratulations to the losers (in this case, winners!) each of whom had made the wise decision to play at Absolute Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot tables.

Don’t miss out when the next monster jackpot hits. Get in on it. If you’re lucky, you might just get your butt kicked!

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