Amaya Gaming Stock: CEO Offers $2 Billion

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Amaya Gaming Stock Gets an Upward Jolt

AMAYA GAMING STOCK’s David Baazov, the CEO of Amaya Gaming, the company that owns PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, is said to be proposing to take his company back to privately held status in a huge $2 billion USD deal.

Opportunistic investors went scurrying to buy Amaya shares before the giant deal closed. Of course, when something like this happens, it drives up the price of the stock. In this case, the value of Amaya Gaming stock gained around 27%. And that jump occurred before the first minute of trading during Monday’s trading session.

CEO Offers $2 Billion in All Cash Deal

The Financial Post reports that Baazov’s offer is an all cash deal, with the intention to buy back every Amaya Gaming stock at $21 per share. Based on last Friday’s Amaya Gaming stock valuation of $14.99 USD per share, that’s a very attractive offer of a 40% premium.

Though his $2 billion USD offer may seem like quite a steep price to pay, it’s actually a really great deal for David Baazov, considering that he already owns 18% of the outstanding shares, so he’s actually trying to grab up the remaining 22% of the shares that aren’t currently under his control.

Making PokerStars and Full Tilt Again

Amaya Gaming Stock

The Final Table | Full Tilt Poker

If Mr. Baazov pulls it off, he and his partners will be in a powerful position indeed. They will be completely free of the constraints of having to keep their shareholders happy. After all these recent years of legal problems and major setbacks, taking Amaya Gaming stock back to private sector will present the owners with some breathing room.

The Big Deal Could Go Up in Smoke

Of course, the Big Caveat is that the whole deal could fall apart at in a moment. Mr. Baazov in under no legal obligation to follow through with his plan. His offer is a non-bindng one. A recent press release by the company stressed this point. David Baazov could pull out of the deal at any time.

This fact has lead much speculation, but no one knows what the real intentions are except for David Baazov and his partners.

Amaya Gaming Stock Volatility

A personal note: I’m always interested in interesting and potentially profitable stock opportunities. When I first heard this story, I looked into possibly purchasing some Amaya (AYA) shares. But upon deeper research, I backed out, due to my own speculations of what may be happening behind the scenes. One scenario that played out in my mind is that:

  • David Baazov may have made a non-binding offer simply to increase the value of Amaya Gaming stock.
  • Perhaps they are actually keen to sell the cmpany to another buyer, and he could command a steeper purchase price when the stock price is high.
  • Or perhaps he and his partners have some stock options that are vesting soon and they wish to cash out some of their shares at the higher price.

Of course, these types of insider shenanigans are against the law, but anyone who follows the financial news knows that very few of these types of illegal actions ever get prosecuted.
I don’t mean to imply that Mr. Baazov and his partners are up to shenanigans. I simply don’t trust the financial system.

To Buy Amaya Gaming Stock, or Not

So I backed out of making a purchase of Amaya Gaming stock.

I will follow up and report on this story as it continues to unfold.

In the meantime, you can look into the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure

Legal Discussion About Online Gaming in USA

Black Friday Webinar

Here’s a really informative webinar recording provided by the CasinoAffiliatePrograms website. A useful discussion and Q&A with two leading online gaming attorneys.

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Whether you’re an online poker affiliate, operator, or just a player, give it a viewing. Well worth the time and you will learn some valuable insights into the recent legal actions by the US Department of Justice and Black Friday.

Some Thoughts About Black Friday

May 5, 2011 · Posted in Poker News, Poker Online · Comment 

As an affiliate of all of the indicted companies, I must say that I have no sympathy to their legal plights. With the exception of PokerStars, who have more or less been upfront and aboveboard to deal with, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker/UB have been a complete nightmare. As an affiliate, I always felt that I was being robbed by these companies. I could very rarely get any answers to my queries, and I just kept seeing my commissions disappearing, no matter how many new players I signed up.

Other, smaller gaming companies that I have dealt with have been much more honest and helpful, eager to treat their affiliates well. But Full Tilt and AP/UB… the worst. However much I hate that the USA doesn’t clearly clarify the legality online gambling, with no clear statutes, and has taken the extreme action of seizing these domains (creating a bit of a PR nightmare for them, I’ve heard), I still have very little sympathy for these companies. Thieves, when they are caught, always make victims happy. A feeling of retribution. I have felt victimized by these companies, and as such, it feels like justice being served. And I hate that. If they had been a bit more honest and responsive, and a lot less greedy, I’d most certainly be on their side in this fight. But as far as I’m concerned, they can dangle in the wind. Good riddance. Perhaps the online gaming industry will consolidate and become more reputable with these rogues out of the picture. Perhaps, at long last, the US will finally start legalizing and regulating online poker, state by state, and then at the federal level. One can only hope. To not do so is to basically make all of the millions of online poker players into criminals. And that’s just insane. and AbsolutePoker Unveils New Security Features for Player Safety

January 24, 2011 · Posted in Poker News · 1 Comment and Ups the Ante on Account Security with New Security Token for Players

The launch of a new two-pronged approach to account authentication brings an added layer of personal security to players across the CEREUS Network, with the Security Token set to give them a heightened level of confidence every time they log in.

MIAMI, FL (Marketwire) – Monday, November 29, 2010 – and continue to put players’ safety and security first with the launch of the new Security Token. Online poker players across the CEREUS Network seeking to strengthen their personal security can now add an extra layer of user authentication, and that means war on unauthorized account access and maximum protection every time they log in.

“We are committed to doing everything possible to safeguard our network and players, and we want to provide every option to boost their personal security, particularly those who keep sick amounts of cash in their accounts day-to-day,” said Team UB Pro Joe Sebok. “The Security Token will provide the most up-to-date security solution to ensure that every player’s personal information and bankroll is always protected.”

At UB and Absolute Poker, tap into proven state-of-the-art technology entrusted by banks and other security-reliant institutions by pro-actively choosing to use the Security Token; it’s a small electronic device that once activated and tied to an account will require a player to use both their password and to have the physical device at hand.

So, even if a player’s password has been compromised, the account will be safe with the Security Token still firmly in the player’s hand; By upgrading account security with the Security Token two-factor authentication process – the password plus the unique security code generated by the ‘one-button’ device – players across the CEREUS Network now have access to unrivalled security and peace of mind.

The Security Token can be used as a stand-alone security measure, or in conjunction with the SecureID PIN, a five-digit number, chosen by the player. Once a SecureID PIN has been activated, and a player completes the usual log in with a username and password, the account holder will be asked to enter the five-digit ID PIN to complete the login process.

Players already using the SecureID PIN at UB or Absolute Poker know the value of added layers of security. By using both the Security Token and the SecureID PIN in tandem, they’ll be two critically important steps closer to combating the potential for unauthorized access to their account.

The SecureID PIN can be activated immediately by all players from the new Security menu in the UB and Absolute Poker client. The Security Token is available for purchase at UB and Absolute Poker via their RAI$E and FAME Loyalty program Rewards Stores.

The new Security Token at UB and Absolute Poker – it’s the smart choice for the security conscious online poker player, and the CEREUS Network has it now.

As part of the CEREUS Network, Absolute Poker players can also take advantage of these new account authentication security features.

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