Super Bowl Prop Bet Streaker

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I’m sure you’ve heard about, or watched the streaker at the Super Bowl. Word is that the SuperBowl Streaker placed a prop bet that someone would streak across the field during the game.

Super Bowl Streaker: The Real Story

Apparently, the real story about the Super Bowl streaker prop bet is not true. You see, there were claims that the 2021 Super Bowl streaker won big. Claims of a $374,000 jackpot was hit after placing a $50,000 prop bet that someone would streak during the game.

What’s not true is that the Super Bowl streaker did not place a $50,000 prop bet and he certainly did not win $374,000.

What is true is that associates of the Super Bowl streaker allegedly placed several small wagers with online sporstbook Bovada that there would be a fan on the field during the game. Of course, Bovada voided these bets because they clearly violate Bovada’s terms of service.

How it played out: On February 7, 2021, the Kansas City Chiefs challenged the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Super Bowl LV. During the game, a man wearing a pink bathing suit “streaked” across the field. And then for some reason, a rumor began circulating that the man, identified as 31 year old Yuri Andrade, had a major financial motive motive. He was after the $375,000 prize on a $50,000 prop bet he had placed before the game.

Even if the bet had been legitimate, it would have been disqualified. The actual definition of “streaking” is running buck naked through a public place. Yuri was not naked in the least. In fact, the investigative website Snopes has done a fine job of breaking down the details. You can read the full article here.

super bowl prop bet

In the meantime, there’s no time like the present to place legitimate bets online. Give Bovada a try. The streaker Yuri Andrade didn’t make any money from Bovada with his creative scheme. But that does not preclude you from being a jackpot winner.

Joe Fortune Free Bitcoin Promotion for Aussies

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Exciting Update Regarding Joe Fortune Online Pokies and Casino for Aussie Punters

Free Bitcoin at Joe Fortune Australia

Free Bitcoin Joe Fortune

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For more information on this promotion, check out the details at the Joe Fortune site. Don’t let the Joe Fortune free Bitcoin promotion pass you by! The month of March 2021 could become a very lucrative month indeed. Therefore, to get paid, you’ve got to play!

If you have any questions about the Bitcoin giveaway or anything else, the customer service at Joe Fortune Casino are top shelf. They are there to answer any of your questions about this promotion, or anything else related to playing on the site.

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Legal Discussion About Online Gaming in USA

Black Friday Webinar

Here’s a really informative webinar recording provided by the CasinoAffiliatePrograms website. A useful discussion and Q&A with two leading online gaming attorneys.

Click here to view the CasinoAffiliatePrograms webinar


Whether you’re an online poker affiliate, operator, or just a player, give it a viewing. Well worth the time and you will learn some valuable insights into the recent legal actions by the US Department of Justice and Black Friday.

Some Thoughts About Black Friday

May 5, 2011 · Posted in Poker News, Poker Online · Comment 

As an affiliate of all of the indicted companies, I must say that I have no sympathy to their legal plights. With the exception of PokerStars, who have more or less been upfront and aboveboard to deal with, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker/UB have been a complete nightmare. As an affiliate, I always felt that I was being robbed by these companies. I could very rarely get any answers to my queries, and I just kept seeing my commissions disappearing, no matter how many new players I signed up.

Other, smaller gaming companies that I have dealt with have been much more honest and helpful, eager to treat their affiliates well. But Full Tilt and AP/UB… the worst. However much I hate that the USA doesn’t clearly clarify the legality online gambling, with no clear statutes, and has taken the extreme action of seizing these domains (creating a bit of a PR nightmare for them, I’ve heard), I still have very little sympathy for these companies. Thieves, when they are caught, always make victims happy. A feeling of retribution. I have felt victimized by these companies, and as such, it feels like justice being served. And I hate that. If they had been a bit more honest and responsive, and a lot less greedy, I’d most certainly be on their side in this fight. But as far as I’m concerned, they can dangle in the wind. Good riddance. Perhaps the online gaming industry will consolidate and become more reputable with these rogues out of the picture. Perhaps, at long last, the US will finally start legalizing and regulating online poker, state by state, and then at the federal level. One can only hope. To not do so is to basically make all of the millions of online poker players into criminals. And that’s just insane.

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