PartyPartners Affiliates

PartyPartners Affiliates

Be a PartyPartners Affiliate and Make Money

The PartyPartners affiliate program is the lucrative marketing partners network for globally respected online gambling brands. As an affiliate partner, you are free to promote as many or as few Party Partners brands as you’d like.

List of Online Gambling Brands at PartyPartners

As a affiliate partner, you will be promoting some of the most respected gaming brands on the web:

  • Party Poker
  • Party Casino
  • Party Bets (Sportsbook)
  • Party Gammon (Backgammon)
  • Party Bingo
  • EmpirePoker
  • Gamebookers (Sportsbook)
  • Gamebookers (Poker)
  • Gamebookers (Casino)
  • WPT Poker
  • WPT Casino has earned the reputation as one of the largest and most popular online gaming affiliate programs by helping affiliate partners earn the best possible revenues on their referrals. Revenues are calculated at the end of every month, and you are paid your earnings during the following month.

PartyPartners Commission Structure

There are a few commission payout options at PartyPartners. You can decide which works best for you in any particular marketing situation.

CPA (Cost per Acquisition) Payment Plan:

In this plan, you receive a one time payment for each Real Money Player (RMP) you refer using your marketing campaigns.

Applicable Brands: PartyPoker, EmpirePoker, WPT Poker, PartyCasino and Gamebookers Casino

Monthly RMP sign-ups per brand Payment per RMP acquired
0 – 10 $75
11 – 25 $100
26 or more $150

The following example shows how much you will earn if you referred 50 RMPs for in a particular month.

Monthly RMP sign-ups per brand Monthly CPA payment EARNINGS
0 – 10 $75 10 * $75 = $750
11 – 25 $100 15 * $100 = $1500
26 or more $150 (50 – 25) * $150 = $3750

Your earnings for the month would be = $750 + $1,500 + $3,750 = $6,000

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MGR (Monthly Gross Revenue):

In this plan, you earn a percentage of the monthly revenues generated by your referred players. The percentage of the revenue is based on the number of RMPs you have referred in a particular month through your campaign.

Payment Plan: MGR Plan on RMP

Brands: PartyPoker, EmpirePoker, GamebookersPoker, WPT Poker, PartyGammon and (Denmark)

Monthly RMP sign-ups per brand Monthly MGR % payment
0 15%
1 – 10 20%
11 – 25 25%
26 or more 30%

Payment Plan: MGR Slab on RMP

Brands: PartyCasino, WPT Casino, Gamebookers Casino, PartyBingo, PartyBets, Gamebookers, (Denmark) and (Denmark)

Monthly RMP sign-ups per brand Monthly MGR % payment
0 20%
1 – 10 25%
11 – 25 30%
26 or more 35%


When you create a campaign, you will need to select a Primary Brand for your promotional activity to earn MGR as per the above mentioned slabs. But If a player also plays on any other PartyPartners brands, you will earn 20% of the revenue generated from these brands.

Sub Affiliate Revenue:

You can recruit more affiliates like you by simply sharing a link and ask them to sign up. They will be tracked to you upon successful registration and once approved, PartyPartners will reward you with 5% of their revenue.

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