Sports Betting Legalization in the USA

February 28, 2017 · Posted in Sports Betting 

Legalize Sports Betting Across the Board

Sports betting in America is alive and well. While the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots were preparing to face-off for Superbowl LI, an estimated 50 million Americans were scrambling to place their bets just before kickoff. Wagers for the biggest NFL game of the season were estimated at $4.7 billion. Of that amount, only a paltry $100 million was wagered legally in Nevada. That’s only 2% wagered legally! Leaving the other 98% in the illegal category.

Sports Betting at BovadaWhich calls into question: why is sports betting illegal in the first place? Clearly, sports betting has never been more popular. Why are we making criminals out of millions of otherwise law abiding citizens? The reason that we are criminalizing millions of citizens is due to an out-dated 25 year old federal ban on the practice. In the meantime, Nevada is breaking sports betting records. It’s time to change the laws that don’t serve the public interest.

Will the Sportsbook Market Change in the Near Future?

Clearly, the sports betting ban isn’t working. You can see it in the numbers. Sports betting is a growth industry, whether legal or not. Keeping sports betting illegal keeps it relegated to the dark corners, hidden in the shadows. More than $150 billion is wagered annually without any kind of protections in place for consumers. Nor are there any mechanisms in place, such as data analysis and real-time algorithms. Doing so would ensure that games are kept fair. Not to mention the millions of dollars in lost tax revenues for state and local governments. Bovada Sports Betting

At the root of this no-longer-relevant ban is the PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act).  PASPA allows only Nevada to offer legal sports betting, which was made law in 1992 by the first Bush Administration. Ironically, the new president in the USA had pushed for similar legislation in New Jersey. He was quoted, “You have to be in favor of it. It is vital to keeping your taxes low, to senior citizens, and to putting the bookies out of business.” He also said in 2015 that he is “OK with sports betting (and other gaming options) because it’s happening anyway. Whether you have legalized sports betting or you don’t have it, you have it.”

Is a Sports Wagering Ban a Constitutional Issue

Bovada for Sports betting

The United States Supreme Court has shown interest in possible constitutional issues the federal ban poses. Also, many members of congress have constituents who are employed by casinos, whose communities benefit from millions of dollars in tax revenue created by the gaming industry. There are polls that show almost 90% of voters say that gaming is a perfectly acceptable form of entertainment.

States should have the option to choose to allow sportsbooks to operate legally as well as the best methods to regulate it. There are so many benefits. States would be in the driver’s seat, in a regulated market, to stem the flow of money. Funds that could be used as fuel for criminal activity and organizations. That alone should be enough.

Contact your legislators to end the ban.

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