2017 MLB Post Season Betting – L.A. Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs

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2017 MLB Post Season Betting: Los Angeles Dodgers @ Chicago Cubs for Game 3 of the NLCS

2017 MLB Post Season Betting at Bovada

Start your 2017 MLB post season betting today. The National League Championship Series (NLCS) got off to a tense and exciting start at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, with the Dodgers winning both tight games, setting the Championship in their favor with 2-0 lead over the Cubs. The championship will go to the team who wins 4 out of 7 games.

Game 2 ended in a most exciting way (for Dodger fans, anyway!) when slugger Justin Turner slammed a 3 run walk-off homer in the bottom of the 9th inning, ending the game with the Dodgers the victors. It was an awesome sight. (Not to mention the fan in the outfield grandstands, who perfectly caught the ball in his mitt. Something to share with friends, family and strangers for the rest of his life).

Cubs host Dodgers in Chicago for Game 3 of the NLCS

This Tuesday October 17th, The Dodgers will travel to Chicago to take on the Cubs on their home turf. The Cubs are a tough team. Last year’s World Series Champions, breaking the alleged Curse of the Goat, lasting 108 years. It was one of the most thrilling World Series ever. It could go either way. Both teams are at the top of their potential. You can check the odds on the Bovada website and place your bets now.

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Scheduled to pitch for the Dodgers is Yu Darvish (1.80 ERA). His last outing with the Dodgers resulted in clinching the National League Division Series (NLDS) in a sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks, on Arizona’s home turf. It could happen again in Chicago.

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In only 5 innings, Yu Darvish allowed a mere one run on 2 hits. He struck out 7 batters, and walked none. Quite impressive.

An interesting side note: Darvish spent most of his career in the American League in Texas, he ha never had the opportunity to face the Cubs before. This will be a first. This 2017 MLB season, in 15 road starts, Darvish was 6-4 with a 2.44 ERA.

On the Cubs side of the equation, they will start Kyle Hendricks (3.27 ERA). Kyle took a no-decision in the Cub’s 9-8 win over Washington in the NLDS. Hendrick’s gave up 4 runs on 9 hits. He struck out 7 batters, with only 2 walks. It should also be nited that he gave up two home runs to Washington. He has had 3 career starts against the Dodgers, scoring 2-1, with an ERA of 3.15

As you can see, it’s a tight series. One that will be sure to bet on! Get your 2017 MLB Post Season betting odds at Bovada today!


MLB American League Betting 2014 – Nelson Cruz vs. George Springer

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MLB: Cruz, Orioles Hard to Ignore in AL East

Two of the hottest commodities in baseball will line up against each other when Nelson Cruz and the Baltimore Orioles try their luck against George Springer and the Houston Astros this weekend. Can Cruz add to his Majors-leading 19 home runs and help the O’s live up to their MLB odds in the process?

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The Orioles have struggled at times throughout the 2014 campaign but remain in the thick of a fairly competitive AL East. They currently have 7/2 odds of winning that division and a 28/1 shot on the World Series futures.

In his first two months with Baltimore, Cruz has powered the franchise even as it’s been sidetracked with injuries. In addition to the bombs, he’s also knocked in 48 runs, all with an OBP of .376.

Cruz’s seven home runs in the past nine games are impressive, but so too are Springer’s six in the past seven. The rookie outfielder has given Astros fans reason to smile despite the fact that they sit last in their division as a 500/1 MLB betting long shot.

The year is young and anything can happen in the standings. Don’t miss the chance to watch two of the sport’s hottest individual commodities see if they can start powering their franchises forward.

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MLB Betting: O’s Back in Picture as AL Wild Card Threats

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MLB Betting: O’s Back in Picture as AL Wild Card Threats

The Baltimore Orioles are on the outside looking in at the American League playoff picture, but with 28/1 odds of winning the World Series in the final month of the regular season, their hearts are still very much beating. This weekend, against the less-than-impressive Chicago White Sox, they’ll look to climb back into contention once and for all.

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Currently behind both the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays in the AL East division, the O’s will likely have to settle on a Wild Card berth if they hope to qualify for their second-consecutive MLB postseason – but a spot in the playoffs is a spot in the playoffs nonetheless.

MLB Betting

While they’ve never strayed far from the top of the pack, it looked as though the Wild Card was Tampa Bay’s to lose and that the Orioles would finish third in a two-horse race. Turns out, the Rays have decided to make things interesting. It took the combination of a Tampa slide and a timely dose of momentum in Baltimore for the Orioles to re-emerge as threats but it happened. Can the O’s capitalize on the opportunity with a series victory against the White Sox?

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MLB Wagering:

Down but Not Out, The Balimore Orioles Push for Wild Card

The Baltimore Orioles have re-emerged as contenders in the American League playoff picture and can take one step closer to the Wild Card with a strong showing against the Chicago White Sox this weekend.

MLB betting community, take note.

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While it seemed as though the O’s had fallen behind the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays for good in the American League East, Baltimore’s recent surge, in combination with a Tampa slide, has suggested that might not be the case.
The Orioles have a while to go before they make good on their 28/1 odds of winning the World Series, but a series victory against the White Sox would only help their cause. Ladies and gentlemen, this is September baseball.

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MLB Betting Online, Schedule, Standings, Match-ups

MLB Betting Online:
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